Saturday, 19 April 2014

How get wavy hair with Denman brushes

Morning my lovely ladies!

I was watching this video by Denman Brush  which helps you choose which hair brush you need depending on the style you want.  I have a large collection of brushes but was missing the round brush for curling hair as I don't normally achieve that look.  I was so curious and loved the look of the round barrel brush I had to try it out....and also the tangle tamer as my hair is super prone to tangles.

I loved the results so I thought I would give a quick tutorial on how to achieve wavy hair using the Denman round barrel brush and tangle tamer.  I really like the below effect as it has more life and volume than straightened hair yet doesn't look wild at all.  I know you guys have seen my natural wild effect which is great for growing out your hair, but sometimes, a curl needs to look a little more tamed....especially if you're going out!

Achieving this look:

I used the following tools:

Prep the hair
  • Wash your hair with shampoo and conditioner 
  • Towel dry
  • Spray hair with Elnett heat defence
  • Section the hair into quarters ear to ear
Curl the hair

  • using the Denman round barrel brush take inch strands and blow dry from root to tip curling the brush around the hair and pulling down
  • Work your way across each section then spray with hair spray
  • Work on the fringe separately and pull away from the face to give more bounce
  • Use the Denman tangle tamer to brush through the tight curls to loosen them to give more natural look

Picture overload as usual, sorry guys!

But I hope you like the wavy hair look that I achieved with Denman Brushes.  I felt a bit like Rapunzel and it was soo far from my usual poker straight hair I couldn't help fiddling with it all day.

They're available from or from Boots.
*brushes ent for consideration and review

Wednesday, 9 April 2014

I'm off to Italy

Hello my lovely ladies,

I'm off to Italy for a week!  As you may know I lived there from 2011-2013 so can't wait to get back and see some people I've missed and obviously have some incredible pizza!

Unfortunately I don't have a computer over there so you won't hear from me for a few days, but don't worry, I'll make sure I find some incredible beauty finds whilst I'm there!

Just to leave you with a couple of photos from last July of one of my favourite places - the harbour at Vallugola. I love seeing people jet off and enjoy the sea :)

Lots of love,

Fiocco bianco xxx

Tuesday, 8 April 2014

label. m texturising volume spray

It's really hard if you've got extra long hair like me to get some bounce and volume into it as the sheer length of it weighs it down.  If I straighten my hair, then it's lack of volume becomes accentuated even more....and if I don't straighten it then it's a frizz bomb!

But there is something you can do.  I'll show you how you can add volume to long 'lifeless hair' through spraying it through with label. m's Texturising Volume spray.

First up the before photo:

This is straightened hair with no product in it except for heat protector:
(Lank, long and really lifeless)

After photo with label. m texturing volume spray:

That was a bit of a picture overload but I'm sure you guys can see the incredible difference after I used label. m's tuxturising volume spray.  My hair has gone from being really lank to volumized and with moment.  I love how the spary comes out as a dry mist which instantly refreshes as well as holding the hairs shape.

It also has dry shampoo so it works great on slightly greasy hair too by cleaning it and by adding movement. It works extra well with a little back combing done to the hair too as it will add to the hair's texture.

label. m texturising volume spray
 I was really very impressed by this spray and would recommend it to girls who need more lift and movement in their hair.  I think it would also work really well as a daily hair spray as it volumizes and has none of that sticky feel, in fact it has more of a dry shampoo feel!

 You can get label. m Texturising Volume Spray from (here) online for £12.50.

*sent for consideration and review

Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Nair Washable Roll-On Wax with Argan Oil & Orange Blossom Review

Hello my lovlies, 

Today I'm writing a review on Nair washable Roll -On Wax with Argan Oil and Orange Blossom (link).  I'm going to be honest with you all and let you know that this was sent for consideration and review.  And do you know what, I'm so glad I was sent this as it has opened my eyes to the world of home waxing and helped me find no short of a miracle product.

I use home waxing kits regularly as they're much cheaper than going to a salon, but if I'm honest, my results had never been salon quality until today.  I think the success of Nair's roll on wax is because this wax is hot, has a suitable non-messy applicator and comes with salon quality cotton strips that are thicker than the usual pre waxed strips you get which allows you to removal all the wax easily in one go.

The results were just incredible - so much so I think I can only now use this sort of wax in the future due to the success I had with it.  There's no way I'm going back to a salon as the results were just as good and at a fraction of salon prices.  

Below are some pictures of me waxing my legs - sorry if your squeamish!

So the picture isn't great as I was using my iphone but I wanted to catch the moment.  Basically, in the box you receive a  roll on applicator.  You take of the safety plug and then pop it in the microwave for just 25 seconds.  Then you just roll a few times and the product comes out of the roller applicator end.  You then roll out the desired amount and then attach a cotton strip, hold the skin tight and pull it off.

The cotton strips are much bigger than the usual 'pre waxed' strips you would get.  They're much thicker and you can use them over and over just like in the salons.

Some how, with just one pull, I removed ALL the wax and hairs.  This has never happened to me before with at home waxing and I really didn't think it was possible until now except in the salons.  I really cannot stress enough how much this roll-on wax really worked.  It is also scented with argan oil and orange blossom which smelt very pleasant.

So here's my post wax picture and all the hair has been removed.  I am literally over the moon at finding this product, as even though it was sent for consideration and review, I can hand on heart say I will be repurchasing this A LOT.  My whole legs were waxed in under 10 minutes and with very little pain and absolutely no mess.  Because the strip pulled of all the wax I wasn't left with gloopy bits on my legs sticking to the towel or any other debris lying around.

So, I think you can tell I am going to give Nair's washable roll on wax with Argan oil and Orange blossom 10/10.  I don't believe any other home wax can actually beat this one. If you wax your legs at home you have to give it a try because of its amazing results and absolute bargain price.  It costs £12.99, but I did my whole legs and only used half the bottle and I'm saving the rest for the next time I need it.  I'm absolutely in love with this product and would recommend it 100% to any girl.

It is available from Boots, Superdrug and Tesco.

Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Poundland bargain - Oz Botanics Heat defence

Hey Dolls, 

I was traipsing through my local Poundland (on the hunt for Aussie 3 minute miracle....couldn't find it) and stumbled across this little heat defence spray.

I am a huge supporter of heat defence spray, as in my late teens and early twenties, I had always wanted long hair, but straightened it every day with no heat defence.  But, because of this it never grew.  Now I only straighten once a week and always use heat defence, and finally it's actually grown pretty darn long.  So ladies, if you want long hair, I really do advocate looking after it with spray, otherwise it breaks and stays short.
 So here's my review:

Price- an absolute bargain, there's not many beauty products you can get for a pound nowadays.  I've seen Oz botanics heat defence online for around the £5.00 so I got a big saving.  Also, my usual heat defence is Elnett which costs £6.00 so looking after hair is a pricey business so its nice that it's not breaking the bank.

Product - a light mist that doesn't leave your hair greasy at all.  You need quite a lot though, I know it's cheap but it's a small bottle and I used up to the sticker on the first ever use.  But honestly, I use the same amount with Elnett so it's no big deal.

Did it work - well this is the thing that bugs me.  I don't know this brand so I'm not sure if it is reputable. I hopeit worked otherwise I've just killed my hair.  I guess it's something you have to risk with unknown products you find for a quid eh?

Oz Botanics Heat Defence left my hair shiny though which is a great plus and with no greasiness.  I reckon you girls in the UK who can get your hands on it should try it out for a quid as there's nothing to lose.  But, I probably wouldn't recommend its full price of £5.00 as it's such a small bottle and for just £6.00 you can get a huge Elnett.

What heat defence do you ladies use??

Kisses Fiocco Bianco xxxxxxxxxx

Tuesday, 25 March 2014


Hey there pretty ladies,

I haven't done a makeup of the day in the while, so I thought I'd share with you a makeup look which I've been doing a lot recently which focuses on quite a pale base, matt nude eyeshadow,dark eyebrows and bright pink lips.

  The base:
As the summer isn't here yet and a whole Winter has passed leaving me with very light skin, I feel that fake tan doesn't look so good as it isn't building on any base and comes out too orange.  I've therefore used a foundation close to my skin tone (Benefit Playstick in Tea Party with primer underneath) and dusted it with finishing powder to set.

Then for a bit of colour I used Benefit Hula on the cheekbones and nose using the brush it comes with


 The Eyes:

In the above picture you can see I've chosen a skin coloured matt eyeshadow (the above is from a Givenchy pallet.)  I think with bright lips its important to not over do it with heavy eyes, hence the nude eyeshadow. You may be thinking that I could have just not put any eyeshadow on at all if I wanted a 'natural effect' but the truth is, most eyes have a lot of red on the lids from the blood vessels and can really make you look tired if they're not covered in a matt neutral shade of eyeshadow.

I also lined under the eyes with gray eyeshadow (still from the same givenchy palet)  and finished with Benefit They're Real Mascara.


I filled in the gaps in my eyebrows with a light brown eyeshadow and an angular brush to give a smoother finish to the brows and to fill in the ends which are a bit sparse.

To finish I used a bright pink YSL Golden lipgloss in 4 Golden Fuschia.  I have these lipglosses in about 5 different shades as I love the brush, the textures, the smell and the packaging.  As lipglosses go, these are my absolute favourites.  As you can see in the picture below, the gloss really sparkles and adds shine.

And that's it! I hope you guys like my Makeup of the day and has inspired you to try out a similar look! xxxxxxx

Saturday, 22 March 2014

Freshlook Colorblend Contact lenses in Gray

Morning my beauties!

Today I thought I would give a little insight into my favourite coloured lenses.  I naturally have hazel eyes, but I always play around with coloured contact lenses - green, gray, brown, blue - you name it, I've probably tried it! When I have these lenses in I just wear a flash of mascara and some eyeliner as I want to show of the coloured lenses and not distract from it with heavy eyeshadow.

They're great fun if you have to wear contacts anyway, giving you perfect vision whilst at the same time making your look complete.  I always use freshlook colorblend contacts (available here from vision direct) as they don't completely change your eye colour, as the name suggests, it blends your chosen colour with your real colour.

This is my current favourite colour - it's Gray by Colorblend.  I've tried the Sterling gray before, but that was more of an ice gray and though looked incredible, it wasn't very believable.  I always like to retain an element of natural (yeah yeah I know coloured contacts aren't the height of subtlety) and this shade of Gray could be almost believable that it was my own.

I wear these both for work and play, as I love playing around with different looks and need to wear contacts anyway.  If you're someone who wear lenses, you should definitely try them out, as they're not too expensive  and a great way to make the most of bad eyesight!

I get mine from as they have always been reliable and have a great price: £24.00 for one pair or £40.00 for two.  Compared to normal clear contacts its actually quite a great deal and has made me quite the slave to them for the last three years or so!

Have you guys ever tired coloured contact lenses??? How did it go, do you still wear them?

Lots of love
Fiocco Bianco xxx