Monday, 16 November 2015

How to make gnocchi- tutorial on making pasta

Hey guys!

As you all know I'm obsessed with Italy and Italian food.  I think it is the healthiest cuisine and the most tasty.... in fact, I don't think I could ever get tired of Italian food!  Everyone knows about pasta, but I think hand-made gnocchi is an undiscovered gem and one of the tastiest foods around.

 Today I made my all time favourite dish - gnocchi with prawns and zucchini.  I think real gnocchi is the only option - it is nothing like the pre-made gnocchi you find at the shops, so made it myself.

Here's the video I used and think it is perfect for an authentic, luxurious pasta gnocchi dish - why don't you try! I was inspired to make this myself as it was shared by this chefs amazing luxury recipes who I follow on twitter xx

Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Artdeco Arctic Beauty Blush


I have a gorgeous wintery beauty find for you all - 

It's a snowflake packaged blush by Artdeco called Arctic Beauty Blush in the shade 'ice garden'.  I have been wearing it all this week and have really enjoyed its three different dusky pink hues.

In the below pictures I have a little on my cheeks but have also used it as an all over powder.  The shade as I mentioned, is a dusky pink and blends beautifully in to give a natural blush to the skin.  I love the roseyness of this shade as it looks like you have a glow to the cheeks like when it's called outside - making its name Arctic blush even more perfect! 

I have also used the lightest colour  also my nose as an illuminator - perfect for not having to carry around too many different makeup items at once.  I love how this blush is perfect for highlighting the cheeks with blush and also for an all over glow.  The shimmer is also very light so you don't have to worry about big glittery particles which is the case with some other blushes!

artdeco, artdeco makeup, artdeco arctic beauty blush, ice garden, review, makeup, beauty

The packaging makes it absolutely ideal for winter and I love having it in my purse for this time of year.  That being said, it is probably only going to be appropriate during the winter season so you better snap this up quick - and even more so because it is limited edition!
artdeco, artdeco makeup, artdeco arctic beauty blush, ice garden, review, makeup, beauty
artdeco, artdeco makeup, artdeco arctic beauty blush, ice garden, review, makeup, beauty

The blush also contains vitimins C and E, making it good for your skin by nourishing it.  I love knowing that when I'm wearing good quality makeup that it's these little things that keep your skin healthy and smooth.  I have also been experimenting with some other goodies from Artdeco so make sure to stay tuned to see what they are :)

Artdeco Arctic Beauty Blush in Ice Garden has a RRP of £22.30 and is limited edition - available form selected beauty salons and spas nationwide from the end of October

Fiocco xxx

*product sent for consideration and review

Monday, 9 November 2015

Emma Hardie & Crabtree & Evelyn review

Hello again!

These two gems are both new discoveries for me so I'm super excited to give a review of them.  I've put them together because they are both stunning luxury products that have lovely scents, packaging and will make for lovely Christmas presents for a special lady.  What stands out about both of these products for me is the quality of the product, as they really do both provide amazing benefits.

emma hardie, crabtree and evelyn, review, primer, moisturiser, hand cream, protect and prime, space nk, feel unique

Emma Hardie Amazing Face Protect and Prime 30
RRP £45 from Space NK and Feel Unique 

This product has three benefits in one bottle - acting as a moisturiser, sun protection and also as a primer.  This is my first primer which has other functions and I think it is a brilliant idea as I often forget primer and then immediately regret it once my makeup is on.

I love how this product does it all - it makes preparing so much easier with just one product.  Acting as a moisturiser and primer I'm then ready for the foundation and it provides a great base to start working with.   This product contains Mongongo oil, oat extract and Vitamin E - all of which helb to protect the skin and help against the signs of ageing.

The scent of Emma Hardie's product really is what made me happy with this product - I finally wanted to feel pampered with a delicious and expensive smelling product.  It's like something straight from a spa!  I don't usually bother with sun protection wither so it's nice to know that that is added in too which will help protect against ageing.

emma hardie, crabtree and evelyn, review, primer, moisturiser, hand cream, protect and prime, space nk, feel unique

 Next up is Crab Tree and Evelyn La Source ultra moisturising hand therapy
RRP £15.00

Again, I was drawn to this product for its delicious scent.  Crabtree and Evelyn have a number of scents within their La Source range but this one was really irresistible.

For me, a hand moisturizer isn't just something that serves out of necessity, but it also an indulgence that should leave your hands smelling delicious as well as moisturised.

Containing shea butter, this lovely hand cream protects hands against the elements, and its gorgeous packing in a polylaminate tube looks great in the handbag too.

Next time I'm really tempted to try their Tarocco Orange, Eucalyptus & Sage collection.

emma hardie, crabtree and evelyn, review, primer, moisturiser, hand cream, protect and prime, space nk, feel unique

Sunday, 8 November 2015

The Pure Beauty Awards with Smooth hair & award winning Label M rejuvinating oil mist

Hey lovely ladies,

I had a formal event at the Savoy for the Pure Beauty Awards last Thursday and spent ages deliberating what to wear and what to do with my hair.  The pure beauty awards looks at the newest products on the beauty world and are voted on by the public.

For the outfit - I decided on a really simple black dress with a neck feature by Moschino.  Again, this was bought in Italy so can't find a link for its purchase in the UK - but this dress pretty similar in its fit and I love the golden neck detail.

For the hair - I decided to go for long sleek hair, and it was Label M's rejuvinating oil mist which really got rid of the frizz.  I love how it gives such a glossy look and it is becoming such a staple of mine when I decide to wear my hair out and long.

The best thing is, that whilst at the PURE beauty awards, my gorgeous spray which I thought was an undiscovered gem is not actually all that undiscovered.  So much so that whilst I was enjoying the evening this particular hair Oil came up an won silver for Best New Hair Care Product.

This company couldn't have deserved it enough, their products always deliver what they say, and leave hair feeling nourished and looking great!

Well done Label M - you really deserved your PURE beauty award !!

Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Beach life and time to relax

 I think it is so important to make time to relax.

Life can get so busy, not just work, but with play also....and so for me it is so important to take a minute to just breathe.  It can get easy to get swept away with the business of life, things to do, people to see that sometime you forget about spending time just enjoying the moment sand the scenery around you.

I don't think anywhere let's you relax better than at the beach. Apart from gentle swimming in the sea, on lying done and catching some sun (wearing SPF of course) - you really don't have to do anything at all except have some 'me' time.

It doesn't mean going somewhere exotic, but if there is a lovely weekend, why not go to the local beach or lake - if you can go somewhere exotic all the better!!  Enjoy lots of water there, and of course cold fresh fruit and enjoy the stillness and nature of the surroundings around you.

Below are a couple of snaps from my favourite place to relax in the world - Gabicce Mare in Italy where I used to live.

Where is your relaxing hideout?

Fiocco xxx

(Gotta put a call out for my favourite Moschino polka dot bikini ever!)

Friday, 30 October 2015

The Pure Beauty Awards at the Savoy

Hello there dolls

Last night was really special as I was a guest at the Pure Beauty Awards held not just anywhere - but at the Savoy Hotel in London.  This river-side hotel in Charrings Cross is perhaps the most gorgeous hotel I have ever been to and was the perfect location for the awards.

The evening announced the winners for various beauty awards categories and a delicious three course dinner during the announcing.  A special guest on stage was Lucy Mecklenburgh which made the evening a little more exciting as I am a huge fan!

It was great being invited to such a prestigious evening in the beauty world and also learning about the new exciting products, especially those that have won the awards as they are voted for by consumers themselves.  There are so many new brands that I am now excited to try after discovering them at yesterdays awards!

Here are some pictures from the event - the quality is a bit low as they are just from my phone.....but love the ifrst one of Lucy Meck!

pure beauty awards, the savoy, lucy meck

pure beauty awards, the savoy, lucy meck
 Here I am looking like an absolute goon !! haha!

pure beauty awards, the savoy, lucy meck

pure beauty awards, the savoy, lucy meck

pure beauty awards, the savoy, lucy meck

Luxury Travel Destination - Monte Carlo featuring Primark Bikini

The most exclusive location I travelled to this year was Monte Carlo.

It really was like something out of a James Bond move.. not quite Spectre but literally Casino Royale was filmed at the illustrious Monte Carlo Grand Casino.  I'm not going to go into too much detail about that as there are winners and losers at casinos, and I unfortunately fell into the second category!

The views of Monte Carlo are exquisite from above - thousands of super yachts litter the horizon and you can only dream of the luxurious lives they lead.  Either way I was quite happy kicking back on the beach admiring the view and the impressive architecture, palms and enjoying the laid back way of life.

This was definitely a holiday for relaxing, after a very busy year, we somehow managed to fit a week away in in the middle of July.  A lovely time of year to go. The picture below looks a bit hazy, but it was actually crisp blue days every day with a very hot sun...I think I just stopped in the only 5 minutes when it was looking a bit cloudy! Or perhaps that's what it always looks like form high up in the hills.

Here I am at our local beach - I normally have a penchant for Moschino bikinis but being away for a week I needed a another one which wasn't in bandeau style and just before I left I picked up this gorgeous blue and white bikini from Primark for about £3! It won't last for long but I can't argue with its gorgeous colours and perfect design :)

I would definteeeelly recommend a holiday in Monte Carlow if you get the chance - it is just a stones throw from Nice  and is it's very own country!!!

Fiocco Bianco